doc. MVDr. Štefan Tóth, PhD.   SK

LF UPJŠ - Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice Faculty of Medicine
UHE - Department of Histology and Embryology
+421 55 234 3381
Doc. MVDr. Štefan Tóth, PhD. graduated his doctoral study (PhD.) in 2007, habilation procedure (Assoc. prof., doc.) finished in 2017. He is a supervisor of subject Basics of histology for bachelor study students in Slovak language. He is a co-guarantor of the commission of the doctoral study program in anatomy, histology and embryology for general medicine. He was the supervisor of 6 successfully defended diploma theses and as a supervisor-specialist 2 dissertations were successfully defended. Since 2005 he has been a supervisor of student scientific activity group. His scientific research is mainly focused on the histomorphological analysis of enterobiopsies under various experimental and clinical conditions. He has been a principal investigator and co-investigator of many scientific research projects. He is actively involved as a co-investigator in the KEGA, VEGA and APVV projects. He is an active member of the Slovak Anatomical Society, the Slovak Medical Society and EFEM.

Higher education and further qualification growth
Second degree of higher education:
University of veterinary medicine and pharmacy, 2002, General Veterinary Medicine
Third degree of higher education:
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University of Košice, Faculty of Medicine, 2007, Normal and Pathological Physiology
Associate professor:
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University of Košice, Faculty of Medicine, 2017, Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

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Overview of the responsibility for the delivery, development and quality assurance of the study programme or its part at the university in the current academic year
Study programme: Anatomy, histology and embrylology, study field: General Medicine, III. degree
Profile courses
Histology and Embryology - Anatomy, histology a embryology, III. degree
Histology and Embryology 2, I.+II. degree
Basic Embryology, I.+II. degree
Basic Histology, I. degree
Basic Histology, I. degree
Selected publications

ADC-Quercetin attenuates the ischemia reperfusion induced COX-2 and MPO expression in the small intestine mucosa. Toth, S. et al. In: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. - ISSN 0753-3322. - Vol. 95 (2017), s. 346 - 354. CC, IF:3,357, Q:1, cit.: 14x

ADC-Alpha-Synuclein antibody 5G4 identifies manifest and prodromal Parkinson's disease in colonic mucosa. Skorvanek, M. et al. In: Movement Disorders : the Official Journal of the Movement Disorder Society. - ISSN 0885-3185. - Roč. 33, č. 8 (2018), s. 1366-1368. CC, IF=8,061, Q:1, cit.: 4x

ADC-Quercetin protects jejunal mucosa from experimental intestinal ischemia reperfusion injury by activation of CD68 positive cells. Curgali, K. et al. In: Acta Histochemica: a journal of structural biochemistry. - ISSN 0065-1281. - Roč. 120, č. 1 (2018), s. 28-32.DOI10.1016/j.acthis.2017.11.001, CC, IF:1,719, Q:2, cit.: 6x

ADC-The effect of betanin parenteral pretreatment on jejunal and pulmonary tissue histological architecture and inflammatory response after jejunal ischemia-reperfusion injury. Toth, S. et al. In: Experimental and Molecular Pathology. - ISSN 0014-4800. - č. 110 (2019), art. no. 104292, s. 1-9. DOI10.1016/j.yexmp.2019.104292, CC, IF:2,28, Q:1, cit.: 4x

ADC-Comparison in detection of prodromal Parkinson's disease patients using original and updated MDS research criteria in two independent cohorts. Kulcsarová, k. at al. In: Parkinsonism & Related Disorders: Official Journal of the International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders. - ISSN 1353-8020. - Roč. 87, (2021), 48-55. - DOI 10.1016/j.parkreldis.2021.04.028. IF:4.891, Q:1, cit.: 0

Selected projects

KEGA Project no. 019UPJŠ-4/2016 Title: An interactive approach to teaching orofacial histology and embryology for the field of dentistry Project leader/Head: doc. MVDr. Iveta Domoráková, PhD. Solution time: 2016-2018 Participation/Position: member of the research team.

VEGA Project no. 1/0478/14 Title: Effect of natural antioxidants in the pathogenesis of experimental intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury Project leader/Head: MVDr. Zuzana Jonecová, CSc. Solution time: 2014-2016 Participation/Position: Deputy Head of Project.

VEGA Project no. 1/0386/17 Title: Inflammatory changes in distant organs due to ischemia-reperfusion injury and jejunal transplantation Project leader/Head: doc.MVDr. Štefan Tóth, PhD. Solution time: 2017-2019 Position: Head of project.

APVV-14-0415 Title: New biomarkers of premotor stage Parkinson's disease Project leader/Head: prof. MUDr. Zuzana Gdovinová, CSc. Solution time: 2015-2019 Participation/Position: member of the research team.

APVV-18-0547 Title: New biomarkers of prodromal phase of Parkinson's disease Project leader/Head: doc. MUDr. Matej Škorvánek, PhD. Solution time: 2019-2023 Participation/Position: member of the research team.

Organisational activities
Disciplinary commission of UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine - member of the commission - UPJŠ Košice - Faculty of Medicine, since 2019
UPJŠ commission for VVGS for evaluation of educational projects - member of the commission - UPJŠ Košice, since 2020
Occupational Safety and Health Commission - Head - UPJŠ Košice - Faculty of Medicine, since 2020
Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA) commission no. 9 - Member of the Commission - VEGA, Bratislava, since 2021
Accredited department of doctoral studies for PhD Programme - co-guarantor - Study branch: General Medicine, Study program: Anatomy, histology and embryology, UPJŠ Košice - Faculty of Medicine, since 2021

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