doc. RNDr. Miroslav Ploščica, CSc.   SK

PF UPJŠ - Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Faculty of Science
ÚMAT - Institute of Mathematics
+421 55 234 2553

Higher education and further qualification growth
Second degree of higher education:
Pavol Jozef Šafárika University in Košice, Faculty of Science, 1985, Operational research and theory of management
Third degree of higher education:
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Institute, 1990, Algebra and number theory
Associate professor:
Comenius University in Bratislava, 2005, Mathematics

Research /art/ teacher profile

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Overview of the responsibility for the delivery, development and quality assurance of the study programme or its part at the university in the current academic year
Study programme: Mathematics, study field: Mathematics, bachelor degree
Study programme: Managerial mathematics, study field: Mathematics, master degree
Study programme: Discrete mathematics, study field: Mathematics, doctoral degree
Profile courses
Algebra III, ÚMV/ALG1c/10 - Mathematics, bachelor degree
Group Theory, ÚMV/TGP/10 - managerial mathematics, master degree
Group Theory, ÚMV/dTGR/10 - Discrete mathematics, doctoral degree
Lattice Theory, ÚMV/dTZV/10 - Discrete mathematics, doctoral degree
Overview of the responsibility for the development and quality of the field of habilitation procedure and inaugural procedure in the current academic year
Name of the field of habilitation procedure and inaugural procedure: Theory of Mathematics Teaching, study field to which it is assigned: Mathematics
Selected publications

Ploščica M., Uncountable critical points for congruence lattices, Algebra Universalis 76(2016), 415-429. Q3, citations: 1

Guričan J., Ploščica M., The strong endomorphism kernel property for modular p-algebras and for distributive lattices, Algebra Universalis 75(2016), 243-255. Q3, citations: 5

Ploščica M., Evaporation schemes in congruence lattices of majority algebras, Colloquium Math. 159(2020), 195-206. Q2

Badawy A. E., Haviar M., Ploščica M., Congruence pairs of principal MS-algebras and perfect extensions, Mathematica Slovaca 70 (2020), 1275-1288. Q2

Ploščica M., Diagram induced properties of congruence lattices, Algebra Universalis 82(2021), Q3

Selected projects

VEGA 1/0063/14, Algebraical structures with order, 2014-2017, deputy project leader

VEGA 1/0097/18 Algebraical structures with order, 2018-2021, deputy project leader

VEGA 1/0125/22 Ordered algebraical structures, 2022-2025, project leader

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